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Lindos of Rhodes

Welcome to the magnificent village of Lindos. Kissed by the Sun and blessed by ancient gods, Lindos remains a magnet for people from all over the globe. Picturesque alleys, breathtaking views, traditional aromas and cosmopolitan attitude forms a unique puzzle no one can resist.

Is Lindos worth visiting?

Lindos is a lovely hamlet. Full of character and friendly souls! The views from the top of the Acropolis are definitely worth the 250 stairs. A warm and inviting sandy beach with crystal clear waters will replenish your soul. This village is a historical landmark, a must-see for all visitors of Rhodes.

What has to offer?

This website was made to provide an independent source of information about Lindos. The source of information of this page is carefully collected, and written by locals, and curated by a team of experienced travvelers with only one thing on their mind, the independency of the information. To achieve this and cover the costs, we only got a sponsorship from which is located 50km away and is in no way competitive with anything here.

What can i find in Lindos?

This is the ideal place for the travveller. With 5000 years of history and some of the most fascinating myths to surround the village, you can spend a whole day here, and get lost into this unique mosaic of history, nature, culinary experiences, nightlife and cosmopolitan attitude without getting bored for a minute! You can find beaches, fine restaurants, casual pubs, roof top cocktail bars, lots and lots of archaeological sites, pirate houses, aegean and byzantine architecture. This village is not called propably the pretiest village of Greece by mistake!

Feel free to explore all the website and enjoy your visit at this truly unique and magnificent village! The Lindos Village!

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