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7 Ιουλίου 2021
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Ancient Theater of Lindos

The ancient theater of lindos is located at the foot of the west slope of the Lindos acropolis' rock. The cavea was split into nine cunei, which were connected by eight small stairs. It featured 19 rows of seats, the majority of which were cut into the rock, but some were constructed, as were the endmost cunei and the side retaining walls, which no longer exist.

The stairs lead to a 2.15 m wide corridor above which is the upper cavea with six rows of seats. The top cavea, 1.90 m higher, was reached by two narrow eight-step stairs cut into the vertical rock wall. The top cavea is more steeply sloped, allowing even non-privileged spectators an excellent view. The top border of the cavea is likewise defined by a 2.70 m high vertically cut rock wall. A stony protrusion matching to the cunei's centre may have served as the foundation for a choregic monument.

The circular orchestra, the three centre cunei of the lower cavea and portions of the two neighbouring ones, and the central section of the upper cavea are the only rock-carved pieces that remain today. The theatre's orchestra is likewise circular and cut into the rock.

The seats of honour, or thrones, were placed in a circle atop a 1.60-metre-wide projecting strip of granite, which was finished with stones. The stage building's location was determined by the evidence of its foundation channel in the rock. The stage was at least 19 m in length and 4.80 m in width. Lindos' theatre dates from the 4th century BC and had a seating capacity of 1,800-2,000 people. It is linked to the major Dionysos-honoring city festivals, the Sminthia, which featured theatrical, musical, and athletic contests, processions, and sacrifices. The Tetrastoon, a rectangular structure with an interior colonnade, was constructed immediately next to the theatre in the third century BC, perhaps as a shrine of Dionysos Smintheus.  


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    Ancient Theater of Lindos
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