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Lindos Frequently asked questions

The section Lindos Q & A is sponsored by Farma of Rhodes, the only petting zoo on the island.

Q: What is the distance from Rhodes city to Lindos?
A: The distance between Rhodes and Lindos is 47 kilometres. It takes about 55 minutes by car from the heart of Rhodes to Lindos.

Q: Q: What is the distance from Rhodes airport to Lindos?
A: Lindos is 55 kilometres from Rhodes International airport "Diagoras". The trip from Rhodes Airport to Lindos takes about one hour.

Q: Is there public transportation to Lindos?
A: Lindos is linked by public transportation to Rhodes town, Rhodes airport, and many other places (bus and taxi). The road is in very good condition. Outside the town, there are three major parking sites.

Q: What is the nightlife like in Lindos?
A: Lindos has a nightlife to suit everyone's tastes. There are nightclubs, small pubs, cafeterias, and many dining options to suit every taste and budget.

Q: Is Lindos lively?
A: Lindos is little more costly than the rest of the island because they want to capitalise on their originality. So, sure, Lindos is as lively as you want it to be, but it isn't "Faliraki lively," and you won't witness the same kind of behaviour there. In fact, such behaviour is not allowed in general. Lindos is full of kind souls!

Q: Is Lindos an island?
A: Definetely NO! Lindos is an archaeological site, a seaside town, and a former municipality on the Greek island of Rhodes. Since the 2011 local government reform, it has been a municipal unit of the municipality Rhodes.

Q: How do I get to Lindos Acropolis?
A: To go to the stairs leading to the Lindos town acropolis, you must first stroll through the town. At the foot of the steps, you have the option of being carried up by donkey (for a fee) or walking like people did in ancient times.

Q: Is Lindos nice?
A: Lindos is a popular tourist destination on the Greek island of Rhodes. It's hardly surprising, given that the town is lovely and unmistakably one-of-a-kind. The contrast between the white buildings and the turquoise water, as well as the Acropolis towering above, creates an unforgettable image.


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    Lindos Frequently asked questions
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