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An Ideal Place to Soak Up the Sun: Lindos
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LinDO’s and Donts

  • Don't believe you need to study Greek before heading to Lindos. While a friendly “hello” (yia sas) or “thank you” (efharisto) are always appreciated, the majority of Lindians know English. ften they speak a number of other languages as well.
  • Keep in mind that Greeks love to speak. So don't be shocked if asking a stranger for directions leads to a heartfelt conversation or an invitation to their grandmother's house for lunch.
  • Don't be alarmed by how loud we talk, and don't duck when we flail our arms about. We're not attempting to hit you. We like communicating via gestures. We invented drama, and we want to keep it alive.
  • If you want to visit any churches or monasteries, avoid wearing hot pants or crop tops. Some things are best left up to the imagination. If you must wear hot pants, wear them to the beach.
  • Don't be swayed by waiters waiting outside restaurants in tourist areas, attempting to convince you to sit. Regardless of how hungry you are. Even if they've nearly persuaded you that this restaurant serves the finest grilled octopus in the nation, the planet, or the cosmos. With a few exceptions, these establishments do not represent the best of what Lindos has to offer in terms of cuisine.

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    LinDO’s and Donts
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