Ben Moorfhouse completed the “Rhodes Extreme Challenge 2021”

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Ben Moorfhouse completed the “Rhodes Extreme Challenge 2021”


On 17 August Ben Moorhouse completed an amazing feat of endurance and mental strength. Ben completed the «Rhodes Extreme Challenge Walk 2021», sponsored by AB Sundecks, in which he would walk around the island of Rhodes in 48 hours, with no sleep or rest. Starting at Mandraki Harbour he walked the West Coast first down to Prasonisi at the most southern tip of the island and then back up the East coast towards Mandraki Harbour. 

Ben’s performance was so spectacular that, he managed to complete this herculean challenge in just 42 hours. This feat becomes more amazing since he completed the challenge on the hottest days of the Greek summer. Aiding him in his effort were his wife Grayson and his driver Jason. Ben attempted to complete the challenge back in August 2018, but at the time he completed his 150-mile journey with a rest at the halfway point of Prasonisi.


Ben Moorhouse visits Rhodes every year since 2002 and considers the island his second home. He has completed several similar challenges, collecting funds for many philanthropical events. The cause for this challenge was Ben’s effort to honor the memory of his daughter Kallipateira, who was stillborn just 2 weeks before her due date. After his daughter's passing, he vowed to do anything in his power to support in any way parents who also experienced the death of their young children and to help save other babies lives. For this Ben and Grayson created The Kallipateira Moorhouse Foundation.

On May 23rd, 2020 Ben’s wife, Grayson gave birth to their son Apollo-Alexandros (named after the Greek god Apollo and the great Greek General Alexander the Great) at St Marys Hospital in Manchester. Aiding them in their effort to give birth to give Kallipateira a brother or sister was Professor Alexander Heazell of The Tommy’s Rainbow Clinic and Research Centre in Manchester. Ben organized the Rhodes Extreme Challenge Walk 2021, to collect funds to help Professor Heazell and his team with their research efforts, which will help many babies save their lives.  As of the 18th of August, Ben completed 19% of his 20.000-pound goal. You can donate to the Kallipateira Moorhouse Foundation and help Professor Heazell’s team with their research here .

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Ben Moorfhouse completed the “Rhodes Extreme Challenge 2021”
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